Dryer Vent Inspection and Cleaning

In addition to servicing chimneys of all types, we are now offering the annual maintenance that should be performed on your home dryer venting system. The special tools that we use on all dryer vents will ensure that no lint is left to pose a fire hazard. Also running a clogged dryer vent will greatly reduce the efficiency of your dryer. If you are operating your dryer for several cycles to dry your cloths you likely need your dryer vent cleaned. Call to ask about our special rates when you add a dryer vent cleaning to your service call!


Clean dryer vents mean savings…


  • Reduced utility bills

  • Decreased drying time

  • Extended unit life



How do we clean your dryer vent?

We use a proven method that will thoroughly clear obstructions and dangerous lint from your system. If your dryer is located in an interior room we recommend having this service performed at least once per year.


  1. After moving the dyer away from the wall, we remove the transition–duct and clean it.

  2. Using a rotating brush, we clean the entire length of your dryer vent; not only does this
    remove large pieces of lint, it loosens smaller pieces which are removed in step # 4.

  3. Using a powerful HEPA vacuum on the inside or outside of your home along with a rotating brush,
    we remove the loosened lint from the venting system and thoroughly clean your lint screen on the outside of your home.

  4. After reconnecting the transition duct, we put your dryer back in place and confirm that the duct is not compromised or twisted in any way.

  5. If we feel that deficiencies remain that cannot be addressed by cleaning we’ll let you know.