Chimney Relining With Thermocrete

Problems with chimney liners are serious and should be addressed as soon as they become known. The best way to be aware of the condition of your chimney liner is with an annual inspection and by our crew. Chimney relining with Thermocrete may be needed.

Chimney relining in Lakeside and Pacific Beach CA

Chimney Sweep Inc., of Lakeside, CA, provides chimney relining services throughout the San Diego region. We’ll determine exactly what’s happening with your liner and perform the work necessary to restore safety and efficiency.

The Job of a Chimney Liner

Chimney liners run the full length of the flue above the smoke chamber and perform several critical functions:

Provide a smooth drafting channel for smoke

Broken, chipped and jagged liners impede drafting and can slow down the movement of smoke. They may also allow smoke to seep into living areas of the home.

Protect the Chimney Masonry and Materials of the House From Intense Heat and Flames

A damaged chimney liner will allow extreme heat and flames (in the event of a chimney fire) to come into contact with the chimney structure and adjacent parts of the house.

Contain Dangerous Carbon Monoxide and Other Combustion Gases

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious concern any time a chimney liner is damaged.

Chimney relining in Lakeside and Coronado CA

How To Know if Your Chimney Needs Relining or Liner Repair

Because chimney liners are in places the average person can’t see, the only way to know if there’s damage and the extent of the damage is with a professional chimney inspection.

However, if you’ve experienced one or more chimney fires or if you notice that chunks of the liner have fallen into the firebox, you can be fairly certain some type of liner damage is present. This is the time to call us.

Thermocrete Chimney Relining System

Chimney relining is usually needed when an existing liner can no longer do the above jobs. Chimney Sweep Inc. provides a chimney relining solution called “Thermocrete.”

When applied by our Thermocrete chimney relining specialists, this procedure is an outstanding way to address many types of chimney liner damage. Here are some highlights:

  • Thermocrete is sprayed on inside the flue – no dismantling or rebuilding of the chimney is needed
  • Seals holes and cracks in the existing liner
  • Restores efficient drafting
  • Restores safety and protection
  • The ideal solution when converting to a natural gas appliance
  • Maintains the original flue diameter
  • Resistant to creosote, acids, sulfurs and chlorides
  • Chimney relining with Thermocrete is fast, cost-efficient and eco-friendly

Chimney reliner in Coronado and Pacific Beach CA

We’re Here To Keep Your Chimney Safe

Chimney Sweep Inc. can help with any chimney liner issues you’re having. For major liner damage, Thermocrete is the very best way to increase the safety, performance and lifespan of your chimney.

Chimney Repair in Southern California

When it’s time for professional chimney repair, Chimney Sweep Inc. is here to help.

Our chimney relining specialists work throughout Lakeside CA, Oceanside CA, and the greater San Diego CA, area. We serve Coronado CA, Escondido CA, La Mesa CA, and San Clemente CA, along with North Park CA, Alpine CA, Solana Beach CA, and other communities throughout East San Diego County.

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