Electric Fireplaces | Beauty for Your Home

When some people think of electric fireplaces, they think of little units that aren’t much more than glorified space heaters. But nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s electric fireplaces are built to look just like the gas and wood fireplaces we all love, but without the safety issues and upkeep.

attractive Electric Fireplace in San Diego and Escondido CA Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, installs stunning new electric fireplaces throughout the greater San Diego region. We’d like to share a little about these remarkable appliances.

What You Get with an Electric Fireplace

For many people, a home just isn’t a home without a fireplace. And for many of those people, safety, simplicity, beauty and heat when they need it are all very important. Modern electric fireplaces satisfy all those values and more.

Attractive & Alluring

The electric fireplaces on the market today are built to look exactly like the more traditional gas- and wood-burning models. With large fireboxes and attractive finishes and design styles, it’ll be easy to enhance the décor of any room in your home.

What’s in the Firebox?

Today’s electric fireplaces feature a wide range of beautiful firebox visuals, from authentic flame colors to specialized faux logs that remarkably resemble the real thing. Whether you prefer a rustic, traditional look or a more sleek and modern design, you’ll find it with an electric fireplace.

safe electric fireplace in San Diego and Chula Vista CA

Fast Heat

On those chilly nights (and occasional chilly days!), electric fireplaces are ready to send out the heat.

With fan and blower options available, these appliances bring wonderful heat to your room whenever you want it.


Electric fireplaces are designed to meet strict guidelines for safety and performance.

When installed correctly, your new fireplace will give you years and years of uninterrupted, dependable service.

So Easy to Use

While the designs of electric fireplaces have become quite fancy and spectacular over the years, one thing is still very basic: electricity operates instantly. No igniting, prepping, loading or pilot-lighting is necessary. When you want to turn on the beauty, a switch or remote gets it going now.

Maintenance? What Maintenance?

Many people choose electric fireplaces because they’re tired of the cleaning, repairing, inspecting and other work that goes into maintaining wood or gas models. Your new electric fireplace will need about as much maintenance as your desk lamp.

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Electric Fireplace Installation

Chimney Sweep Inc. installs electric fireplaces throughout the greater San Diego region. We’ll help you select the perfect model based on your room size, heating requirements and decorative tastes.

We do all our own work, and our installations comply with state and local building and fire safety codes. When we set up your new fireplace, it will be done safely and correctly.

Chimney Sweeping in Southern California

If it’s time to look into a new manufactured electric fireplace for your home, we’re here to help.

We’re your local electric fireplace experts, serving Lakeside CA, Oceanside CA, and the greater San Diego CA, area. We serve Coronado CA, Escondido CA, La Mesa CA, and San Clemente CA, along with North Park CA, Alpine CA, Solana Beach CA, and other communities throughout East San Diego County.

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