New Manufactured Wood Fireplaces

Do you have an old, inefficient, drafty masonry fireplace? Are you looking for a new first fireplace for your home? Is real wood fire high on your priority list? A beautiful new Wood Fireplace might be just what you need!

real wood fireplace in Lakeside and Escondido CA These are just three of the reasons why more and more San Diego-area homeowners are choosing manufactured wood fireplaces. Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, would like to tell you about some of the benefits of these fabulous appliances and what they can do for your home.

The Allure of a Real Wood Fire

Nothing can match the look and feel of a roaring wood fire in a lovely fireplace. Crackling logs with leaping flames, the gentle aroma of real burning wood, the nostalgic mood of an authentic wood fire – what’s not to love about a wood fireplace?

Where Will You Put Your Fireplace?

Today’s manufactured wood fireplaces can be installed within most walls in a home. All that’s required is the space to set up a chase (housing) for the vent pipe.

Beautiful Designs to Accent Your Home

The robust flames of a wood fireplace instantly beautify any room. But when you add the many available designs, colors, finishes and sizes to the mix, you’ve got a true centerpiece that everyone will be talking about.

Clean-Burning Wood Fireplaces

Wood appliances are often chosen because wood is an eco-friendly fuel. Modern EPA requirements for wood-burning fireplaces make these appliances more environmentally responsible than ever.

wood fireplace maintenance in Lakeside and Chula Vista CA

Wood Fireplace Maintenance

Taking care of a new wood-burning fireplace is fairly simple. You’ll need to arrange for a cleaning of the vent system and have the unit professionally inspected. These activities should be done once a year. In between service visits, you can keep the firebox clean and watch for anything unusual, so you can report it to your fireplace technician.

Impervious to Power Outages

When the power goes out, as it does sometimes in Southern California, your wood fireplace will keep on bringing beauty to your home. And when an outage happens during one of our occasional cold spells, your fireplace will never stop supplying heat.

We’ll help you select the perfect new fireplace based on your heating requirements, room size and decorative desires. We’ll go over all the specs and give you the information you need to make a great choice.

High Heat

Manufactured fireplaces are great heat producers. The average open masonry fireplace holds onto as little as 10% of its heat, while a manufactured wood fireplace retains 70% or more, depending on the model. That’s a lot of heat for your room.

manufactured wood fireplace installation in Escondido and Chula Vista CA

Wood Fireplace Installation

When our expert fireplace installers set up your new appliance, all work will comply with the numerous state, county and city codes that apply where you live. Our trained crew performs all installations – nothing is ever subcontracted.

Chimney Sweeping in Southern California

Is it time to look into having a professional install a wood fireplace into your home?

The Chimney Sweep Inc. crew installs all types of manufactured wood fireplaces in Lakeside CA, Oceanside CA, and the greater San Diego CA, area. We serve Coronado CA, Escondido CA, La Mesa CA, and San Clemente CA, along with North Park CA, Alpine CA, Solana Beach CA, and other communities throughout East San Diego County.

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