How Tuckpointing Can Save Your Chimney

When the mortar that holds chimney bricks in place begins to deteriorate, serious problems could be on the horizon. Ideally, chimney mortar will hold up well for about 25 years, but certain events and circumstances can shorten its life. Chimney tuckpointing can help save your chimney.

chimney tuckpointing in San Diego CA and Escondido CASince 1985, Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, has repaired damaged chimney mortar with a process known as “tuckpointing.” Here’s how this work is done and why it’s necessary.

A Brief History

Chimney tuckpointing dates back to the 19th century, when masons replaced unsightly chimney mortar with a new compound that matched the color of the bricks. It was a cosmetic job, performed to make chimneys more attractive.

Today, we use the tuckpointing process to repair and prevent major chimney damage and extend the life of chimneys.

How Tuckpointing Works

When our skilled masons tuckpoint (or re-point) a chimney, they start by grinding out areas of decayed or crumbling mortar. A strong new mortar compound is then filled in and finished in a way that makes the chimney look as good as or better than new.

Chimney tuckpointing to repair chimney damage in Escondido CA and Solana Beach CA

Does Your Chimney Need Tuckpointing

You can do periodic visual inspections of your chimney to spot early signs of mortar and brick deterioration. It’s also a smart idea to schedule annual licensed chimney inspections with our field technicians.

During the inspection, we’ll be able to see things you might have missed. We know where to look and what to look for when evaluating the condition of a chimney system. When the inspection is complete, we’ll explain our findings to you and offer recommendations on how to resolve any problems we found.

Why Your Mortar Matters

Water is a chimneys #1 enemy. Old, weather-damaged mortar will let water in which can rust or warp rebar supports and eventually cause serious damage.

Water intrusion through damaged mortar can lead to further decay of the mortar as well as deterioration of the chimney bricks. When this happens, a chimney can begin to lean to one side. In the worst-case scenario, parts of the chimney or the entire chimney can collapse.

In addition to causing structural problems, incoming water can start mold growth within the chimney system and send dangerous mold spores and unpleasant odors into your home.
Structural and safety issues aside, there are the aesthetics of a chimney to consider. Crumbling mortar throughout the masonry just isn’t very attractive. When our expert crew performs a tuckpointing project for you, you’ll be left with a chimney that’s stronger, safer and looks fantastic atop your home.

Chimney repair and tuckpointing in Solana Beach CA and San Diego CA

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Chimney Sweep Inc. holds a Certified Chimney Professional Designation, and every one of our crew members has been thoroughly trained in all aspects of chimney repair, chimney safety, venting and maintenance services.

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