Flue Cover Installation

Whenever you think of a chimney flue, you probably think of a channel that’s used to draft smoke from a fireplace into the outside air. However, passage inside a flue goes both ways. Not only does smoke rise up out of it, but various unwanted things can get into the flue and travel downward. The solution to this problem is a quality chimney flue cover.

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Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, installs chase covers for our customers throughout the greater San Diego region. Here’s what one of these excellent components will do for your chimney.

Chase covers Protect

Chase covers are installed at the top of a chimney and cover the flue opening. Additionally, they have some type of mesh siding that allows smoke to pass through.

A well-made flue cover will include a “roof” at its top that’s angled down on all sides to help direct rain water away from the chimney structure.

Chase covers are designed to look attractive, but their primary purpose is to protect.


Protect Against Animal Intrusion

A quality flue cover keeps birds, rats, squirrels and other small animals out of your chimney. Whenever many of these animals build nests, it can narrow the flue passage and become drafting obstructions.

It’s no fun having smoke back up in your home. But much worse is the carbon monoxide in the smoke. Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless but is known to be harmful and potentially fatal when inhaled.

It’s not uncommon for animals to die inside a chimney, unable to get out. This adds to the drafting obstruction. Then there’s the problem caused by a rat or a snake dropping down into the firebox and moving into your living spaces. This in itself is a good reason to install a flue cover.

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Protect Against Flying Embers

Chimney fires, including small ones you aren’t aware of, can cause fiery sparks and embers to exit the top of your chimney.

Even during normal fireplace operation, it’s not a good idea to leave the top of the chimney open, because hot materials can rise.

A good flue cover effectively blocks the release of particles that could damage or set fire to the roof or things in the yard below.

Protect Against Rain

One of the key jobs of a flue cover is to keep rain out of the flue. If rain is allowed a free path to the interior chimney, serious problems can result.

  • Flue liners can be damaged over time by water intrusion. When this happens, heat, flames, smoke and deadly carbon monoxide can escape the liner and move into other parts of the home.
  • Interior chimney masonry can begin to decay and crumble after long-term water damage.
  • Fireplace dampers can become rusted and inoperable.
  • Mold can begin to grow in the chimney.
  • Unpleasant musty odors can move into your home.
  • Your fireplace can suffer damage.

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