Chimney Flashing Replacement

Your chimney’s flashing may seem to be a minor part of your overall chimney system. However, it’s actually a very vital component used to prevent damage to your chimney, roof and home.

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Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, can inspect your chimney flashing. We can detect common chimney problems that may have been caused by flashing that’s unseated, rusted out or warped. Most importantly, we can then resolve all the issues the right way.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Typically made of metal strips, chimney flashing is the material that blocks the gap between the exterior chimney and the roof. It’s often laid as two pieces:

1. An L-shaped piece that lies against the roof and the side of the chimney

2. A flat piece that covers the top gap in the vertical part of the L-shaped piece


How Chimney Flashing Becomes Compromised

Firstly, anything that separates the seal in a strip of flashing can lead to serious problems, which we’ll discuss in a moment. Secondly, rusting, warping, lightning strikes, pounding hail, and plain old age, rain & summer heat are common reasons for flashing to fail.

If the flashing is of good quality and installed properly, it can serve you well for 25 years or more. Trouble will occur sooner if inferior materials and workmanship are used to install the flashing.

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What Can Happen When Flashing Is Damaged

We’ve said elsewhere, but it bears repeating: water is a chimney’s #1 enemy. With damaged flashing, water has a clear path to run below the roof and cause various types of trouble, such as:

  • Damage to the chimney masonry below the roof
  • Rotting in the roof, attic and other materials in your home
  • Mold growth that can spread throughout the house

As you probably know, chimney structures can be damaged in many different ways: by water, seismic events, poor building practices, chimney fires and the like.

The reason flashing-related chimney damage is a big concern is because much of it happens in places the average homeowner never sees.

We’ve dealt with both major and minor problems caused by compromised chimney flashing. If ignored, the problems will multiply and can eventually cause a chimney to lean and possibly collapse.

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Schedule a Chimney Inspection

Damp sections on walls and ceilings, water in the firebox, musty odors and masonry discoloration are often clues that there’s a leak in the chimney system. If you spot these clues, call us to schedule a chimney inspection.

We’ll pinpoint the problem and recommend the right solution. Where damaged flashing is concerned, it’s usually best to lay new material. This way, we know it will be done correctly and with top-quality materials.

Chimney Sweeping in Southern California

When it’s time for professional chimney repair, Chimney Sweep Inc. is here to help.

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