Smoke Chamber Parging with Smoktite

The smoke chamber in your fireplace and chimney system sits just above the firebox and serves to funnel smoke up into the flue. In order to do its job, a smoke chamber must be constructed to specific standards for depth, height and width. However, the most common problems we see in this part of the chimney system aren’t related to construction standards but rather to the chamber’s surfaces.

smoke chamber parging in Oceanside and Chula Vista CA

Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, provides expert resurfacing, or “parging,” of smoke chambers throughout the greater San Diego, CA, area. Here’s how we can help you with this important service.

What Is Smoke Chamber Parging?

Parging refers to a resurfacing process, which can be accomplished in several ways. After 30+ years in the chimney repair business, we’ve found the best way is with a product called Smoktite.

As you can imagine, the average smoke chamber is not easy for workers to access.

Basically, with Smoktite, no one has to get into the chamber. Rather, the insulative resurfacing solution is sprayed on.

Highlights of Smoktite in Smoke Chamber Parging Projects:

• Heat-resistant up to 229 degrees Fahrenheit
• Won’t be damaged by vapors, water or acids
• Smooths out rough chamber surfaces for efficient drafting of smoke and gases
• Reduces creosote buildup and the chance of a fire
• Effectively seals holes and gaps

Dangers of a Damaged Smoke Chamber

When the surfaces of a smoke chamber become cracked, split or open with holes, several serious chimney problems can occur.

damaged smoke chamber in Oceanside and La Jolla CA


Compromised smoke chambers often eventually lead to fires in adjacent framing or home building materials.

This problem is further compounded if the chamber is full of creosote (see below).

Carbon Monoxide:

This potentially deadly gas forms during combustion and should travel through the smoke chamber, into the flue and into the outside air.

Also, breaks in the chamber surfaces can allow the gas to filter into air within the home.

Creosote Buildup:

Jagged and rough areas in a smoke chamber’s surface are perfect for collecting creosote and soot. Because Creosote is highly flammable, it causes most of the reported chimney fires each year.

Is It Time To Have Your Smoke Chamber Inspected?

The average homeowner cannot see the inside of a smoke chamber. Fortunately, the Chimney Sweep Inc. technicians can. Most importantly, our inspection process allows us to see and accurately evaluate the condition of all styles and types of smoke chambers.

chimney inspection of smoke chamber in La Jolla and Chula Vista CA

When We Find Damaged Areas

In most cases, a Smoktite application is the preferred solution to restore smoothness, uniformity, safety and efficiency to your smoke chamber. Additionally, during our inspection, we’ll also be able to spot early signs of problems in other parts of your chimney system. Overall, this will allow you to schedule any repair work that might be necessary to keep the problems from getting out of hand before it's too late.

Chimney Repair in Southern California

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