Gas Fireplace Inserts

Do you love your wood-burning masonry fireplace but aren’t crazy about all the upkeep needed to keep it clean and safe? Also, would you like to enjoy a beautiful fireplace that’s easy to use and care for? Gas fireplace inserts offer the perfect solution overall.

gas fireplace insert in San Diego and Encinitas CA Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, installs gas fireplace inserts in homes throughout the San Diego region.

Our qualified gas technicians know how to do the job right. And in complete compliance with all state and local codes. But that’s the mechanics. Let’s look at the benefits.

What Is a Gas Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is a manufactured appliance that’s designed to fit into the firebox of an existing open masonry fireplace.

Nothing needs to be built, torn down or modified. Gas inserts vent through their own pipe that extends up the chimney. They can run on natural gas or propane.

Amazingly Easy to Use

Forget about the hassle of buying firewood, hauling it, storing it, loading it in the fireplace and waiting for it to start burning. Whenever you use a gas fireplace insert, a switch or remote instantly starts your fire and extinguishes it just as fast.

You can easily control the heat and flame level. It allows you to set just the right mood before an evening of entertaining or just lounging around by the fireplace.


Very Low Maintenance

Because it doesn’t burn wood, your gas insert will be surprisingly easy to take care of. Occasional wiping or vacuuming off the dust is about all you need to do. An annual safety inspection from one of our gas technicians should be scheduled as part of your fireplace maintenance program.

When You Need Heat

If you’ve ever used a standard masonry fireplace for heat, you probably discovered that it didn’t do a very good job. That’s because masonry fireplaces lose up to 90% of their heat right up the chimney.

Gas inserts, on the other hand, retain 70% or more of their heat and make it available to your room. You’ll love your insert on chilly nights.

Lovely Firebox Visuals

With a wide range of gas fireplace log styles and options to choose from, your insert will give you all the beauty and enjoyment you could ever want in a fireplace. Moreover, the log sets available today are made to look amazingly like the real thing. They are complete with bark patterns, natural coloring and unique shapes.

gas fireplace insert installation in Encinitas and Solana Beach CA

Gas Fireplace Insert Installation

The Chimney Sweep Inc. crew is ready to help you select and install the perfect new fireplace insert. We do all our own work – nothing is ever subcontracted. No matter what style of insert you select, the installation will be done in strict compliance with all California and local city fire codes and building requirements.

Chimney Sweeping in Southern California

Amaze yourself and your friends with a gorgeous new gas fireplace insert.

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