Common Problems Your Chimney Could Have

When your chimney or its components are beginning to show signs of trouble and common chimney problems, the time to address the issues is now. Getting chimney problems repaired quickly prevents more serious damage or malfunction, which will usually happen if the problems are neglected.

common chimney problems repair in Oceanside CA and Encinitas CA

Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, brings more than 30 years’ experience to a wide range of chimney repair jobs. Here are some of the problems we can resolve for you.

Brick and Mortar Deterioration

Over time and after certain events, the bricks and mortar in a chimney’s masonry can begin to deteriorate. Bricks that are loose or spalling (decaying) along with crumbling mortar between the bricks can lead to big trouble if not addressed correctly.

Our expert chimney masons approach masonry problems in several ways:

common chimney problems in Oceanside CA and San Diego CA

Leaky Chimneys and Water Damage

When a chimney leaks, there’s always a reason for it. A proper inspection will tell us where the leak originates, the extent of the leak and whether or not any collateral damage has occurred.

Common causes of a leaky chimney include:

  • Masonry issues as described above
  • Damaged or missing chimney cap
  • Cracked chimney crown
  • Warped or otherwise damaged chimney flashing

A neglected leak can eventually cause widespread damage throughout your chimney system. We’ll perform the necessary repairs to stop the leak.

Odors From a Smelly Chimney

If your chimney is sending unpleasant odors into your home, there are several possible
causes, such as:

  • Built-up creosote and soot in the flue
  • Rotted nesting materials of birds, squirrels and other small animals
  • Animals that have died in the chimney
  • Tree debris
  • A chimney leak

A thorough chimney sweep and the installation of a secure chimney cap will reduce or eliminate most smelly chimney problems.

Smoky Chimney Issues

If smoke is backing up out of the chimney or fireplace, we need to find out why. As bad as smoke is, much worse is the deadly carbon monoxide that’s present in smoke.

A smoky chimney or fireplace is typically
caused by:

  • Debris or creosote obstructions in the flue
  • A closed or partially closed damper
  • Exhaust fans pulling smoke into the house
  • Clogged venting in a chimney cap
  • The house being too airtight to allow for a proper draft

The Chimney Sweep Inc. crew knows how to resolve every smoky chimney issue.

Smoky chimney damage in Encinitas CA and Pacific Beach CA

Rust Problems in the Chimney System

Metal parts and components in your chimney can develop rust and eventually become damaged. Rust originates with water and moisture, and we often find rust on:

  • Chimney caps
  • Chimney chase tops
  • Chimney flashing
  • Fireplace dampers
  • Any other susceptible metal in the system

We’ll look closely at the amount of rust you’re dealing with and recommend either leak repair, general repair or replacement of the affected component.

White Stains on the Chimney

White stains (called “efflorescence”) on exterior chimney masonry mean that water is seeping into the bricks and leaching out salts. This is a fairly common problem, and it needs to be checked out.

Porous bricks naturally absorb some water, but this process can lead to brick decay. Our crew will assess the situation and then likely recommend replacing seriously damaged bricks and having the chimney waterproofed.

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Expert Help for Your Chimney

Chimney Sweep Inc. is your first line of defense against these and other common chimney problems. We’ve been working on chimneys since 1985, and we know what it will take to restore safety and efficiency to yours.

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When it’s time for a professional chimney sweep, Chimney Sweep Inc. is here to help.

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