Flue Covers, Chase Covers & Top-Sealing Chimney Dampers

Although you can’t see the top of your chimney very well, a lot goes on there, and it’s a critical area of your overall chimney system. Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, provides several services to keep your chimney tops protected and in excellent condition.

flue cover repair and installation in San Diego and Coronado CA

Flue Cover Repair & Installation

Flue covers are handsome components that cover the flue opening at the top of your chimney. Its key features are:

  • Mesh sides that allow for a proper draft so that smoke can leave the chimney
  • Protection against fiery sparks and embers popping out of the flue
  • Protection against birds, squirrels, rodents and other small animals that build nests in chimneys and sometimes die inside them
  • Protection against twigs, leaves and other debris that, like animal nests, can cause a draft blockage and send smoke and deadly carbon monoxide into your home
  • Protection against damaging rain

We inspect, repair and install quality flue covers.

Chimney Chase Cover Repair & Installation

Chimney chase covers are found on factory-built chimneys. They provide a protective covering over the top of the chase structure.

A common issue with chase covers is rusting. Many of these components are made of galvanized steel, which is prone to rust. When a chase top is rusted out, water can get in and cause serious problems, such as:

  • Firebox damage
  • Rotting in the materials of the chase
  • Rusted fireplace damper and chimney pipe
  • Mold growth and unpleasant odors
  • Rotting in parts of the home adjacent to the chase

In some cases, we can repair chase covers; if damage is severe, we’ll recommend a new chase top made from rust-resistant stainless steel.

top mount chimney damper repair in San Diego and Alpine CA

Top-Mount Chimney Damper Repair & Installation

A top-mount chimney damper functions similarly to a common throat damper located just above the firebox: it regulates the draft and helps smoke to move freely and fires to burn efficiently.

In addition, a top-mount damper serves as a protective covering at the top of your chimney. When tightly closed, it prevents the intrusion of rain, animals and debris, the same as a flue cap. Our crew installs a lot of these important components for our customers throughout the greater San Diego area. We also provide top-mount damper inspections and repairs for minor damage.

We provide a full menu of chimney and fireplace services, including:

  • Chimney sweeping and cleaning
  • Chimney leak detection and resolution
  • Masonry repair and chimney rebuilding
  • Repair of chimney tops, chimney liners, fireboxes and all other components
  • Chimney waterproofing
  • Chimney and fireplace inspections
  • Installation of manufactured fireplaces, heating stoves, fireplace inserts and gas log sets

Chimney chase cover & flue cover installation in Coronado and Alpine CA

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