The Benefits of Using a Fireplace Insert in Winter 

That old fireplace of yours sits unused; even in the middle of winter, you can't bring yourself to use it. It's not efficient in the least, and you have trouble burning logs in it. You know, without a doubt, it's full of cracks and leaks. Why even bother? There is another option, one you may not have considered- a fireplace insert. Here are the benefits of using a fireplace insert in winter.

Why Use a Fireplace Insert in Winter?


21st-century fireplace inserts are far more efficient than old wood-burning fireplaces. Traditional open fireplaces can hemorrhage more heat than they give as the warm air escapes through the chimney. By contrast, modern inserts are designed to contain the heat and reflect it back into the room. Some are equipped with fans that circulate the warm air more effectively, ensuring your living space stays snug and cozy.

Lower Bills

This is one of the most popular features with inserts. The increased efficiency gives you the benefit of reduced heating costs. Because inserts create a concentrated heat source, they can reduce the need to overuse central heating. Inserts are particularly beneficial in homes with open floor plans or high ceilings, where central heating can be less efficient.

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Safety should always be priority one when it comes to fireplaces. Why are inserts safe? Inserts have a closed combustion system, significantly reducing the risk of sparks or embers escaping and sparking a fire. This enclosed design also minimizes the inhalation of potentially harmful gases like carbon monoxide and smoke, which makes it much less dangerous than traditional open fireplaces.

What Kind of Inserts are Available?

Even if you have an old wood-burning fireplace, there are a number of inserts that can fit into your existing space. If you want to stay with a wood-burning fireplace, there are a variety of styles and sizes to fit your space. If you are seeking a more efficient, clean-burning type of fireplace, then a gas-burning fireplace insert is a great choice. With artificial logs, you can still have the effect of a wood-burning fireplace but with the convenience of pushing a button. 

Lastly, there are electric fireplaces that can be put into your old fireplace. These high-definition screens create the illusion of real flames but can also produce heat. Want to use your fireplace in the summer but don't want the heat? No problem; an electric fireplace lets you turn off the heat when you don't want it.

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To Sum Up

As you read, having an insert is an excellent alternative to letting your old fireplace sit idle.

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