How Summer Affects Your Chimney

You may think as the summer months approach there should be no concerns with your chimney. This may be the furthest from the truth. As the summer heat rises the last thing a homeowner wants to think about is their chimney. But yearly maintenance on your chimney by a professional may save you money in the future. Here are some things to look out for.

Summertime chimney structure damage and repairs in Coronado CASummertime Chimney Issues

Structural Damage Take a walk around your house. Observe the bricks and the masonry of your chimney. If you see any cracks, you will want to get those looked at. Water can seep in through small cracks causing damage as it freezes and expands.

  • Odors: Summer odors in your fireplace can come from creosote buildup or animal droppings. You can correct these common occurrences with yearly cleanings.You can also spot clean with vinegar around your fireplace.
  • Creosote: A dangerous substance that comes from burning wood. Creosote builds up in your fireplace and chimney. If not cleaned out on a regular basis, this can create an unsafe environment for your family. It may also be the cause of chimney fires.
  • Climate: Wind and rain from summer storms can cause damage to your chimney cap or flashing. If damaged, this can allow water to seep into the chimney causing damage to the structure of the chimney.
  • Animals: Creatures will find their way into chimneys. You will need to remove them before your winter fires. Animals will find a way in if your cap is not structurally secure.
  • Efficiency: A/C or heating escaping up the chimney. If your damper is not secure, heat and cool air can escape.


Yearly cleanings

Keep your chimney clean and free of buildup for a safe burning season.You should have your chimney cleaned by a professional on a yearly basis.


Have your chimney checked for small cracks by a professional. Catching these cracks early will prevent further, more expensive damage in the future.

A little prevention goes a long way. Use some of these tips and enjoy your fireplaces for years to come.


Annual Chimney Sweeping Services in Encinitas CA

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Consider an Energy Efficient Top Damper

 The location of this damper is at the top of the chimney for a more effective way of preventing drafts. Preventing warm and cool air from escaping up your chimney will save you money in the long run on your energy bill. This damper can also prevent water, debris, and unwanted critters from getting in.


Top Mount damper installation in La Mesa cA