Safe and Efficient Chimney Rebuilding

Has your chimney seen better days and is now in need of rebuilding? Have you had some safety issues that are worrying you? Does your old chimney look ugly on top of your home? The solution may be a chimney rebuilding project.

Since 1985, Chimney Sweeps Inc. of Lakeside, CA, has specialized in chimney rebuilds, both partial and complete, throughout San Diego County. Here’s some important information about this work.

Do You Need a Rebuilt Chimney?

Typical signs that a chimney should be rebuilt include:

  • Cracked or loose bricks throughout the structure
  • Many sections with missing bricks
  • Crumbling mortar in many or most of the joints between the bricks
  • White stains (efflorescence) on the exterior masonry – means water is penetrating
  • Chipped flue tiles in the firebox
  • The chimney is leaning to one side

These are common signs that chimney rebuilding may be needed. However, we won’t know exactly what will be required until we inspect the chimney.

Please note: if you’ve received a work estimate from another chimney provider telling you that your chimney must be rebuilt, let us do our own inspection and provide you with a qualified second opinion.

Chimney Inspections in Lakeside CA and Oceanside CA

Most chimney companies are honest, but it always pays to get a second opinion before launching major rebuilding or restorative work.

chimney rebuilding in Oceanside and Chula Vista CA

Reasons Chimneys Become Severely Damaged

Throughout the greater Lakeside, California, region, we often recommend chimney rebuilding after:

  • A devastating chimney fire
  • Severe weather events such as earthquakes, hailstorms, destructive winds and lightning strikes
  • A history of ongoing, widespread chimney leaks
  • Chimney damage caused by low-quality building materials or poor workmanship during original construction
  • Issues with the chimney footing make the structure shift and tilt

What Happens During a Chimney Rebuild?

Chimney rebuilding in some cases can save a home and the lives of people in it. We take the right steps when rebuilding your chimney to ensure that every step of the work is done correctly and according to state and local codes.

Chimney Crown Rebuilding in Encinitas CA, Del Mar CA, and Poway CA

Our process includes:

  • Creating the design and blueprints for the new chimney
  • Carefully removing the existing chimney
  • Pouring a new foundation
  • Doing the piece-by-piece brick work to build the new structure
  • Installation of a sturdy stainless-steel chimney liner
  • Construction of a proper concrete chimney crown
  • Installation of a custom full-width chimney cap

These and other tasks must be done right by experienced masons to prevent breakdown and hazardous operating conditions down the line.

Chimney Sweeps Inc. can build a traditional masonry chimney or install a prefab chimney and chase for a factory-built fireplace. Our installation team is fully trained in venting procedures for both gas and wood fireplaces with single and multiple flues.

professional chimney rebuilding in Clairemont CA, Pacific Beach CA, Chula Vista CAIs it Time to Rebuild Your Chimney?

If your chimney is failing and no longer providing you with safe, efficient operation – not to mention good looks – it’s time to give us a call and let us take a look. Chimney Sweeps Inc. carries the Certified Chimney Professional designation, and we’re certified by the National Firep Protection Association.

We proudly serve Lakeside CA, Oceanside CA, and the greater San Diego CA, area. We work throughout La Jolla CA, Encinitas CA, Del Mar CA, and Poway CA, along with Clairemont CA, Pacific Beach CA, Chula Vista CA, and other San Diego County communities.

Speak with a chimney professional today at (619) 593-4020 or request an appointment online here.