Repair Your Fireplace to Restore Beauty & Safety

Is your fireplace damaged? Does it look ugly? Do you worry that it may soon become unsafe and cause a fire? These are all good reasons to schedule a fireplace inspection with the Chimney Sweeps Inc. crew.

We serve the greater Lakeside, California, area with complete fireplace restoration work to make your fireplace beautiful, functional and safe again. Here’s how we do it.

Restoration of the Firebox

When properly built, fireboxes include special firebricks and refractory mortar designed to withstand high temperatures. But these incinerators take a lot of punishment over the years, and eventually, they all need some kind of restorative work.

If the inside of your firebox has finally begun to show signs of age, we can repair it by replacing decayed bricks and areas of crumbling mortar. If the damage is severe, we can rebuild it with new firebricks and mortar.

Ignoring firebox damage can lead to two very serious events:

  1. A house fire that starts when flames escape the firebox and come into contact with adjacent materials of the home.
  2. The escape of deadly carbon monoxide and other combustion gases into your household air.

Firebox Repair and Fireplace Restoration in North Park CA, Chula Vista CA & Clemente CA

In certain cases, your best fireplace restoration solution might be to install a sturdy fireplace insert that bypasses the original firebox and serves as a fireplace unto itself. Ask our technicians about the value and benefits of a gas or wood fireplace insert.

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Is Your Firebox Damaged?

Here are some signs to look for:

  • Cracked bricks
  • Crumbling mortar joints between the bricks
  • Splits or breaks on any surface inside the firebox
  • Signs of rust
  • A fireplace damper that’s squeaky and hard to operate

If you notice these or other unusual signs, call us for a chimney inspection.

Annual Fireplace and Chimney Inspections

Virtually every fire safety organization in the U.S. recommends annual inspections for chimneys and fireplaces. When we inspect your system, we’ll be able to quickly determine the extent and cause of any existing damage. We’ll also spot early signs of problems so we can resolve them before they become issues.

Beautifying the Fireplace Surround

Fireplace surrounds can be simple arrangements of bricks, stone, tile or other materials right around the fireplace opening. They can also be elaborate structures that take up part of a wall or the entire wall. A mantel might be part of the surround.

Is your surround old-looking and outdated? Does it need resurfacing? Have you upgraded your room décor but not your fireplace décor? Chimney Sweeps Inc. can completely redesign your hearth area with these components:

  • Gorgeous custom fireplace surround with your favorite materials
  • Stunning wall treatments
  • Beautiful fireplace mantel
  • Raised hearth
  • Log storage areas
  • Classy fireplace tool stand

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Fireplace Restoration Professionals in Lakeside CA, Oceanside CA and Alpine CA

Chimney and Fireplace Professionals

Fireplace restoration, repair, and rebuilding should always start with a licensed inspection. If you’re working with a fireplace service company that wants to start a restoration project without doing an inspection first, you’re working with the wrong company.

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Call Your Fireplace Restoration Experts

Since 1985, Chimney Sweeps Inc. has been helping San Diego County homeowners keep their fireplaces safe and efficient. We provide expert fireplace restoration, firebox repair, fireplace and chimney inspections and a full menu of cosmetic hearth-area upgrades.

We proudly serve Lakeside CA, Oceanside CA, and the greater San Diego CA, area. We serve La Jolla CA, Encinitas CA, Del Mar CA, and Poway CA, along with Point Loma CA, Rancho Bernardo CA, San Marcos CA, and other communities throughout San Diego County.

Speak with a fireplace professional today at (619) 593-4020 or request an appointment online.