Signs Your Chimney Needs A Professional Sweep

Your chimney is often out of sight, out of mind, during the summer months. However, just because it isn’t in use doesn’t mean that you can forget about it completely. Your chimney needs annual maintenance. While there are some minor issues you can handle on your own, others should be fixed by a CSIA-certified technician. Here are four significant signs your chimney needs a professional.

Sign #1: Smoke signals

Think back to when you last used your fireplace. If you noticed a strong, smoky odor (think, an indoor campfire) or even had visible smoke reentering your space, this is a big sign that you need a professional. It can point to a possible blockage within your flue, damage to your liner, or even some kind of problem with the masonry structure itself.

Sign #2: Bats in the cave

We aren’t referring to Bruce Wayne here. Rather, our second sign that your chimney needs a professional is focused on wildlife. Specifically, sometimes there will be signs of animals taking up residence in your chimney.

Smokey Fireplace Repairs in San Diego, CA

This could be bats, birds, rodents, or insects. As they make their nests and snuggle in safely from the elements, they can block the exit of smoke. This will either lead to the smoke re-entering your space, damage to the inside components of your chimney, and even house fires.

You may also see organic debris such as leaves or evidence of nests in your firebox. These can likewise clog your flue and create the same problems as previously mentioned.

Sign #3: Mr. Scott, we need more power

Or rather, if you notice that your fire doesn’t burn as intensely as it should, it’s another sign your chimney needs a professional. A weak fire likely means that you have a problem with your ventilation. This could be, again, due to a blockage or problem with the masonry. It could also cause a backdraft that throws smoke and embers back into your home. If your fire is weak, don’t call Scotty’s engineers. Call the team at Chimney Sweeps for an immediate inspection.

Sign #4: Creosote

While the headers for our first three signs may have had a slightly humorous angle, our fourth sign is serious business. We’re talking about creosote.

Creosote is a natural by-product of the wood you burn. However, too much is indicative of a larger problem. A thick layer of oily, smelly creosote lining your chimney flue means that either you have been burning the wrong kind of wood or you have gone too long between cleaning appointments.

Creosote Removal and Chimney cleaning in Alpine CA

Contact us if you notice any of these signs

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.” While this might have been a hit song in the 70s, the words are more than just lyrics. Spotting any of these 4 signs in your home indicates that it is time to have a professional look at your chimney.

If you can’t remember when you last had an inspection or have noticed one of these 4 signs, then call Chimney Sweeps Inc. at 619-593-4020 or visit our website to send us a message online.

Annual Chimney Sweeping

If  it has been more than a year since your last chimney inspection and sweeping, give our team a call.

They’ll remove all signs of creosote from your fireplace and chimney as well as do an overall inspection and fix any other issues they may find.


Importance of Annual chimney Sweeping and Inspections in North Park CA