The Importance of a Chimney Inspection

When you think about your chimney, you probably have an idealized bucolic vision of smoke gently rising from it due to the cozy fire in the hearth below. While that imagery is valid, there is much more to your chimney, including maintenance. How do I maintain my chimney? You may ask. The answer is you hire a qualified chimney sweep service to inspect your chimney and perform any needed repairs. Let's investigate the importance of a chimney inspection.

Three Types of Chimney Inspection

Level One Chimney Inspection

Level one is the most basic type of inspection, suitable for chimneys that are used regularly under normal conditions. It includes a visual examination by inspectors that will examine easily accessible areas of the chimney, both inside and out, looking for any obstructions or deposits and doesn't need special equipment.

Level Two Chimney Inspection

A level two inspection is recommended when there are changes to the fireplace and chimney, like a change in fuel type, or if there's been an event like a chimney fire or the ground shifting under the chimney. Level two inspections include everything in level one along with inspecting attics, crawl spaces, basements and utilizing a specialized camera to thoroughly examine the inside of your chimney's flue, ensuring no damage or obstructions are missed.

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Level Three Chimney Inspection

A level three inspection is the most comprehensive type of inspection, often reserved for when a level one or level two inspection indicates more potentially severe issues. The inspection's primary goal is to investigate hidden hazards that aren't accessible in the other two levels of inspection. It may require removing or opening a wall to get access. 

What Makes Chimney Inspections Important?


From creosote buildup- an extremely flammable substance that can ignite- to obstructions such as bird's nests or a clump of leaves and trash that can cause carbon monoxide to flow back into your home. These inspections help in detecting and rectifying potential dangers.

Structural Integrity

When a chimney sweep performing an inspection identifies cracks, deteriorating bricks, or damaged liners before they become an issue, then inspections can extend the lifespan of your chimney and reduce the risk of expensive future repairs.

Improving Your Chimney's Performance

Regular inspections ensure everything functions efficiently and prevent problems like smoky fires or reduced heating capabilities.

Insurance and Legal

Many areas municipalities require regular chimney inspections, especially for rental properties. The same applies to insurance that may require periodic inspections by qualified chimney sweeps.

Your Peace of Mind

With a certified chimney sweep giving the all-clear, you can rest easier knowing your chimney is safe and functional.

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How Often Should You Inspect Your Chimney?

In order to be safe, you should have your chimney inspected at least once a year, ideally in the summer, before you need your fireplace; of course, if it's been some time since your chimney has been inspected, you shouldn't wait.

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