Sustaining a Cozy Hearth Throughout the Night

It's the time of year when being comfortable in front of a fire is more important. Family gatherings or just snoozing on the sofa in front of the fireplace take on greater meaning. With that idea in mind, here are some techniques for sustaining a cozy hearth throughout the night.

Make Sure Your Chimney is Working

Having a chimney that is blocked, clogged, or has an improper draft can limit the effectiveness of any fire. Your first step in ensuring fires burn throughout the night is to have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a qualified chimney sweep service. They will make sure that your hearth gives you longer burns.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Be sure that you have dry (also known as seasoned or cured) wood. Using "green" wood that still has dampness will burn less effectively and will create more smoke. Make sure that your firewood is stored in a dry place that will let it cure. It makes sense the next tool you will need is kindling. Gather small sticks (preferably dry), newspaper, or magazines. Of course, you will need matches or a long-stemmed lighter to spark a fire. Have a screen or close the fireplace doors to ensure smoke or hot embers don't enter your home.

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It's critical to have a fire extinguisher in your home in case a hot ember floats from the fireplace. A fire could start if it lands on your carpet or furniture. A fire extinguisher in the same room as your fireplace will ensure no house fires start.

The last tool you need is a carbon monoxide detector. Place the detector fifteen feet from your hearth to alert you if the deadly gas is seeping into your home.

Not Preparing Your Fireplace is Preparing to Fail to Start a Fire

It is vital to a good fire that the fireplace is prepped. Use a shovel, metal bucket, or shop vac to remove cooled ashes. Be sure to dispose of the ashes in something away from open flame and cannot spark a fire; ashes burn easily.

The next step in prepping the fireplace (and chimney) is to prime the flue. Priming the flue is simple: you open the damper and use warm air to create a draft. A draft will prevent smoke and toxic gases from entering your home. You can warm the flue by holding up a lit, rolled-up piece of newspaper or using hot air from a blow-dryer. You should feel a draft rising up the chimney in a few minutes. You are now prepared to start a fire.

Starting a Fire

Use a crisscross formation with the logs you plan to burn. Make sure you have enough kindling underneath them. Place crumpled-up newspapers under the logs and light them. It may take several more pieces of newspaper to get a sustained burn. 

Now, you have a cozy fire that will last the entire night.

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Let Us Inspect and Clean Your Chimney

If you want to ensure that you have sustainable fires that will last all night, you need to have your chimney inspected and cleaned first. If you live in the greater San Diego area, call us at 619-593-4020 or fill out our online contact form. One of our staff will schedule an appointment for our chimney sweeps to inspect and clean your chimney so that you can have cozy fires all winter.

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