Best Time Of Year For A Chimney Cleaning

As temperatures creep up, chimney maintenance is likely the last thing on your mind. Between yardwork and outdoor fun, it’s easy to forget this item on your list. Surprisingly, though, chimney maintenance is best to think about right after the heavy burning season. It’s an easy task to check of the list of things to do in the spring, so it may be a welcomed surprise! On top of that, there are a few additional benefits to scheduling your annual chimney sweep early in the spring.

Safety is our top priority

When our professionals complete a chimney sweep, they have to go on the roof. So if you schedule your cleaning in the winter, there’s always a risk for more dangerous conditions. While it doesn’t happen often, this may mean we would have to cancel or reschedule an appointment if conditions were dangerous. Even if there isn’t snow falling on the day of your appointment, any snow on the roof is an added obstacle to complete cleanings.

Also, the more you delay, the more of a safety risk you may face at home. As you burn wood in your fireplace, debris, called creosote, builds up on chimney walls. This debris is extremely flammable so can lead to chimney fires if neglected. It is also unhealthy to breathe this in.

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Be Early, Be Prepared

If you wait to book until the late summer or early fall, you may struggle to even find an opening because so many other homeowners are thinking of it at that time. Since chimney cleanings are a yearly obligation, you might as well book when there are plenty of openings to work with your schedule.

Additionally, there’s a chance you can save some money opting for a spring cleaning, rather than a fall cleaning. Supply and demand can drive these costs high in the busy season. This is typically the case for chimney inspections. So do yourself a favor and plan to book your chimney sweep and inspection in the spring to save yourself time and frustration.

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Don’t let a dirty chimney stop you from early fires

We don’t want to rush through the spring and summer, but early chilly fall days call for a cozy fire.

If you haven’t gotten your chimney swept before then, you may be hesitant to go ahead and have a fire. Make sure you schedule your sweep early so you’ll be ready for cold weather, no matter how soon that day may come this year.


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