The Best Time to Schedule Chimney Inspections and Repairs

In Greater San Diego County, chimney companies work year-round in our great weather. But there are certain times that are better than others for scheduling important chimney inspections and repairs. Chimney Sweep Inc. of Lakeside, CA, would like to share some of the reasons why it’s best to have your chimney looked at in the first months following winter.

Why spring and summer are ideal for chimney service

We encourage homeowners to schedule chimney work in the spring and summer for several reasons:

Crew availability

Late summer and fall are busy periods for most chimney companies. It can be hard to schedule service at a time that’s convenient for you if you wait until later in the year. During the spring and early summer, crews tend to have better availability.

Plenty of time for projects

Depending on what’s happening with your chimney, some extensive work may be needed to make it safe and functional again. It’s a good idea to start this work shortly after the season of heavy fireplace use. This way, you can get everything done at times that work with your personal schedule.

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Stop ongoing water damage

If your chimney has a leak anywhere in the system, that problem is going to progress until it’s fixed. Incoming water can deteriorate chimney masonry and cause rotting in adjacent building materials of the home. Water can also damage chimney liners, chimney crowns and other components. Leak issues should be addressed as soon as possible.

Spring and summer chimney repair projects

Based on a thorough inspection, your chimney may need different types and levels of work. Common post-winter chimney projects include:

  • Chimney sweeping to remove flammable creosote
  • Chimney crown repair and sealing
  • Chimney cap repair or replacement
  • Chimney flashing installation
  • Chimney liner repair or relining
  • Masonry repairs, including brick replacement and tuckpointing
  • Partial or complete chimney rebuilding
  • Resolution of drafting problems
  • Resolution of chimney odors
  • Removal of animal nests and the occasional dead animal from the chimney

The value of a chimney inspection

Annual chimney inspections allow you to learn of early signs of trouble and have problems repaired before you start using your fireplace regularly. By performing the inspection in the spring or summer, you’ll have sufficient time to plan for and accomplish any repair work that might be necessary. A qualified chimney company will offer a full range of inspections:

  • Basic, annual safety inspections
  • Real estate video chimney inspections
  • Inspections when adding a new appliance to the chimney or making other system modifications
  • Inspections following a chimney fire, earthquake or other event that may have caused damage
  • Inspections when major chimney damage is known to exist


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Watch for these signs

If you notice any of the signs below, immediate chimney attention is needed.

  • Water in the firebox
  • A chimney that tilts to the side
  • Crumbling bricks or mortar
  • White stains (efflorescence) on the masonry
  • Wet patches on the walls or ceilings
  • Strong, musty odors coming from the fireplace or attic

These and other issues can be fixed. Repairs will be simpler and less costly if you catch the issues early.


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