The Importance of Annual Inspections

As a homeowner, the to-do list seems never ending between maintenance, projects, and upkeep. While this may be true, there is one thing that should stand out as a priority: chimney maintenance. Not only can a neglected chimney pose threat to your safety, it can also lead to long term structural issues if not tended to.

What is a chimney inspection?

Typically, chimney inspections include a full 14-point inspection, checking everything from top to bottom and inside and out. This ensures safety, efficient functionality, and long-term stability of the chimney structure. Did you know that chimneys should be inspected annually? Most homeowners opt to schedule these appointments just before the winter, so it’s freshly cleaned for the colder months. Below are five of the most important reasons it’s vital to keep up on chimney maintenance.

Clear out any blockage in your chimneys

Just like all of those leaves and debris that get trapped in your gutters, they likely find their way to your chimney too. This debris could especially get trapped in areas such as the cap and crown of the chimney.

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Minimize the risk of chimney fires

Regularly removing debris is important to prevent unwanted, uncontrolled fires. Even more important, though, is controlling the buildup of a compound called creosote on your chimney walls. This is a highly flammable substance and the number one cause of chimney fires. Annual inspections and cleanings when needed keep creosote to a minimum.

Eliminate the potential for harmful fumes

Along with the buildup of creosote, comes the risk of toxic fumes re-entering your home. If the path for combustion gases are blocked, they make their way back down the chimney. These gases include carbon monoxide which could be toxic if exposed to large quantities.

Your homeowner’s insurance may require it!

Finally, depending on the type of homeowner’s insurance you have, annual chimney inspections may be required. Check your policy today to ensure that you’re following the requirements of your plan.

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Catch any structural issues early

Annual chimney inspections mean that you have a certified professional monitoring the structural well-being of your chimney regularly. This is important to catch any issues early to save you money in the long run.

A quick fix this year could save you from larger structural repairs a few years down the line.

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