What is a Chimney Chase Cover?

If your house has a prefabricated chimney (one that came with your house), then it has a chase. What is a chase? It's an extended, narrow space that connects to your fireplace and extends to the top of the chimney. Inside your chimney's chase is the flue, which allows toxic gases and smoke to be vented from your fireplace. The shell of a chase is mainly made from wood; it could also be constructed from brick or metal. On top of the shell is a metal cover that shields the whole top of your chase, where the flue emerges.

The cover is called a chimney chase cover. The reason you need a chimney chase cover is to prevent water from accumulating inside the chimney. The original chimney chase cover attached when your home was built has a life expectancy of around seven to ten years; when that period elapses, the chimney chase cap will have rusted away, letting rain and other moisture get inside your chimney.

The History of Chase Covers

In the past, many builders used rust-prone galvanized steel attached in multiple pieces to make a chimney chase cover. The shoddy construction of the chase covers and rust-friendly materials let water into the chimney, and the water infiltrating the chase could destroy the wood inside. Once moisture has penetrated your chase, it can make its way down the chimney to the prefab fireplace's box, and the outer wall will rust, creating a safety risk. 

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You must know if your chimney chase cover should be replaced to stop these catastrophes.

Does Your Chimney Chase Cover Need Replacement?

A damaged chimney chase cover can occasionally be easy to notice when rust from the cover runs down the chimney's sides when it rains, and rust streaks will emerge on the side of your chase and roof. 

Even if you notice rust stains on your chase and roof, your chimney should be examined by a qualified chimney sweep service to determine if any additional problems exist.

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Once it is confirmed that your chimney chase covers require replacement, the old one will be removed and a fresh one installed. We will take away the old inferior chimney chase cover and replace it with a well-constructed custom replacement.

Chimney Sweeps, Inc. Can Replace Your Old Chimney Chase Cover

If your chimney chase cover is old and worn out, get in contact right away. We can replace your old damaged chimney chase cover with a new one. Call us at 619-593-4020 or complete our contact form. One of our chimney experts will gladly discuss replacing your chimney chase cover.

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The chimney chase cover is a vital part of a properly functioning chimney. It helps to protect from water damage and stops other debris from entering the chimney's flue.

Call us today and our professionals can inspect your chimney to ensure that everything is in great shape!


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