What Is Chimney Waterproofing?

When you purchased your home chances were that having a fireplace was at the top of the list. Did you realize the maintenance that went along with it? Like anything, maintenance is important to keep your chimney in good working shape.

One of the number one requirements on any homebuyer’s list of needs vs wants is a fireplace. The idea of warm toasty fires is parallel to no other.

Water, as you have learned, can travel to areas you would never think. Areas that you are not aware of until it might be too late.

What Damage Can Water Bring?

  • Deterioration of the masonry around the bricks. Weather that fluctuates in winter and summer will wreak havoc on your chimney. In the winter you have rain, snow, sleet, freezing, and thawing. The breakdown of masonry is usually related to the extremes in temperature.
  • Mold. With water comes mold. Water can get into your chimney from the inside and outside. Once caught there, if not allowed to escape, mold can start to grow.
  • Rust. Any exposed metal will rust if not protected from the abuse of water.
  • Weather damage. Depending on what area of the United States you live, weather may play a big part in the upkeep of your chimney. With turbulent weather there is almost always rain.

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What Exactly is Chimney Waterproofing?

What to do to protect your chimney from water? You will find that it is necessary to waterproof it. So, what do I have to do to waterproof my chimney?

Waterproofing is protection from rain, snow, sleet, and all other moisture-creating contributors. It's a preventative measure to prevent leaks and gaps in your masonry. To prevent cracks which may lead to more invasive issues.

Can I Waterproof On My Own?

Sure, you can. It would entail climbing a ladder and getting on the roof. If you have a safe way to do this, then by all means go ahead. Be sure to use a spotter and wear a pair of slip-proof shoes so that you won’t slip off the roof. The process is as follows:

  • Clean the bricks of any dirt or debris.
  • You may want to power wash and wait until the chimney is dry before continuing.
  • Repair any small cracks with appropriate chimney masonry caulk.
  • Spray with a water repellant. You won't want to use a sealant as that will seal any water in the bricks in place and cause the issues stated above.

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The best way to preserve your beloved home is to keep up with its maintenance. Water retention is a concern for your chimney.

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