Why Does My Chimney Need A Cap?

Chimney caps are often overlooked, but you may want to check on yours before next fire season. While they are only a small piece of the puzzle, they provide several benefits and will help make sure your fires burn smoothly and prevent any issues along the way.

What is a chimney cap?

It’s easy to just think of your chimney as one unit, but there are actually several components to it. Chimney caps are found on the very top of your chimney, just over the opening and are typically made of metal & wire mesh. The good news is that if you don’t have one of these or if it is in rough condition, they’re relatively easy to replace & install.

Other components on your chimney include chimney crowns and chase covers; if you have questions about where to find any of these pieces of your chimney, feel free to call Chimney Sweeps, Inc. to speak with a chimney expert!

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Now that you know what a chimney cap is, you may be asking why you need one. Below are some of the most notable benefits of installing and maintaining a chimney cap.

Keep unwanted animals and debris out

It’s no surprise that rodents will seek shelter in whatever hole or entrance they can find. That’s why it’s important to cover up your house’s most obvious one "the chimney flue". A chimney cap will eliminate the entrance, as well as lessen the chance of animals getting stuck and dying which would leave behind an unmissable stench.

Chimney caps also prevent debris, such as leaves and branches, from getting caught inside your chimney. It makes fall cleanup much easier when the debris is contained to gutters rather than in your chimney as well.

Keep rain water out

Rain and any moisture could be detrimental to your chimney structure as a whole. It can also lead to mold or mildew growth. Installing a chimney cap could minimize any rain water entering your chimney, saving you thousands on potential structural repairs and removing the threat of unwanted mold.

Ready to check on your chimney cap? Our licensed professionals can assist in the repair of existing chimney caps or installing a new chimney cap.

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Minimize the draft

Since the chimney is an obvious and sizable hole, wind could cause unwanted drafts whether in use or not.

While this is unpleasant in general, it also makes for a less efficient fire and could pose a higher risk of smoke and toxic chemicals being blown back into your house.

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