Chimney & Fireplace Services in San Clemente CA

San Clemente homeowners have counted on Chimney Sweeps Inc. since 1985 for expert chimney services and helpful guidance.

Chimney repairs, inspections, and cleaning available in San Clemente CA

No matter what kind of issue you’re having with your chimney or fireplace system, we know how to resolve it. Put our decades of experience to work in your home.

Professional Chimney Sweeping in San Clemente CA

Chimney Sweep Services

One of our primary jobs is chimney sweeping. We use a variety of industry-grade tools and equipment to remove flammable creosote and drafting obstructions from chimney flues.

Built-up creosote is responsible for most chimney fires reported in the San Clemente area and across the U.S. each year. We’ll safely remove this substance.

We also remove leaves, twigs, the nests of small animals and the animals themselves when they die inside the chimney. All this debris can hinder drafting and send smoke and deadly carbon monoxide into your San Clemente home.

Fire safety agencies throughout the country recommend annual chimney sweeping for active chimneys.

Chimney Inspections

By scheduling yearly chimney inspections, you’ll be able to learn of early signs of damage and malfunction in the system. A licensed inspection is one of your best preventative maintenance strategies.

Chimney Sweeps Inc. provides all three recognized levels of chimney inspection:

Level 1: The basic annual inspection.

Level 2: Called for when:

  • You’re selling your home
  • A chimney fire or other event is believed to have caused damage
  • You’re altering your system, such as by adding a gas insert or furnace to the chimney

Level 3: The required inspection when major chimney damage is known to exist.

Rusty Chimney Damage and Chimney Repairs in San Clemente CA

Common Chimney Problems

Some chimney problems are irritating. Others are very dangerous – or could be if you neglect them. Our San Clemente chimney crew has the solution for any chimney problem you’re experiencing.

  • Leaky chimneys
  • Masonry deterioration
  • Smelly chimneys
  • Smoky chimneys
  • Animal intrusion
  • Rusty chimneys
  • White stains on masonry

When we address these and other common chimney problems, we do all the work ourselves. We never outsource to other chimney companies.

We Install Fireplaces, Stoves, Inserts & Gas Log Sets

Are you looking to upgrade your masonry fireplace? Is it time to bring home a new fireplace or stove? Would you like to increase the beauty and elegance of your San Clemente home with a stunning gas log set?

Chimney Sweeps Inc. will help you select the perfect new manufactured fireplace, heating stove, fireplace insert or gas log set. We’ll then install your appliance for you, making sure the work complies with all California state and local building and fire safety codes.

Chimney Crown Repair in San Clemente CA

San Clemente Chimney Repairs

Chimneys and their components can suffer damage due to old age, seismic events, intense weather, poor building or installation practices and other factors. When your San Clemente chimney is failing, you need the right solutions fast.

Common Chimney Repairs

Chimney relining: to safeguard your home and extend the life of your chimney.

Chimney crown repair: to fix cracks and keep the crown in top shape.

Tuckpointing: to replace decayed mortar joints.

Brick replacement: to strengthen the entire chimney structure.

Chimney rebuilding: to leave you with a beautiful new chimney.

Firebox rebuilding: to keep it strong and able to protect your home against fire and toxic gases.

Smoke chamber parging: to smooth out the surfaces for efficient drafting and safety.

Call your San Clemente Chimney Experts

Our chimney crew is ready to help with cleaning, repairs, inspections and appliance installations. We’re fully licensed and proudly hold a Certified Chimney Professional designation.

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