Chimney & Fireplace Services in Temecula CA

Homeowners throughout San Marcos, California, have relied on Chimney Sweeps Inc. for all their chimney and fireplace service needs since 1985. Let us help you keep your system clean, safe and running right.

Temecula Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping is important for two main reasons:

  1. To get rid of flammable creosote building up in your chimney flue
  2. To remove leaves, twigs, the nests of small animals and other debris

Creosote is the cause of most reported chimney fires in the Temecula area each year. Draft blockages can cause smoke and carbon monoxide to move into your home.

The solution to both problems is annual chimney sweeping. You can keep debris out of your flue by having us install a secure chimney cap.

All Chimney RepairsChimney Repairs in Temecula, CA.

Our crew provides experienced chimney repair services, including:

  • Brick and mortar repair
  • Chimney structural repair and rebuilding
  • CrownSeal chimney crown repair
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Firebox repair and rebuilding
  • Thermocrete chimney relining services

We perform these and all other chimney and fireplace services in a way that meets stringent state and local Temecula code requirements.


One Crew, One Point of Contact

When you hire Chimney Sweeps Inc., you hire only us. We don’t work with outside contractors for any project. We’re your one point of contact for large and small jobs.

We’re certified by the National Fire Protection Association, are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and hold the Certified Chimney Professional designation.

Chimney Repair in Temecula, CA

Common Chimney Problems Solved

No matter what’s happening with your chimney, our crew knows how to resolve it and restore safety and performance to your system.

  • White, black, brown or green stains all over the exterior chimney masonry
  • Birds, squirrels, rodents and other small animals in your flue
  • Leaky chimney
  • Masonry damage
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide backing up into your home
  • Strong, unpleasant chimney odors
  • Rusty or inoperable fireplace damper

Inspections for Your Chimney and Fireplace

Annual chimney and fireplace inspections can prevent major repair bills down the line. They can also save your Temecula home from a catastrophic fire.

Basic Level 1 inspections cover all readily accessible parts of your chimney and fireplace system. There are also specialized inspections.

Level 2: An inspection when:

  • Your home is being sold.
  • You’re adding a new appliance to your drafting system or otherwise modifying it.
  • Damage from a chimney fire or other event is suspected.

Level 3: A full-scale inspection when significant damage is known to exist.

We’re licensed to perform all three inspection levels and any necessary repair work.

Fireplace Inserts in Temecula, CATemecula CA Fireplace and Stove Installations and Sales

Have you been thinking of bringing home a new fireplace, stove, fireplace insert or gas log set? Let us help you choose the right model and then install it for you correctly.

  • Gas, wood and electric manufactured fireplaces from the top names in the hearth industry.
  • Gas and wood heating stoves that can be placed just about anywhere in your home.
  • Gas and wood fireplace inserts to upgrade an underperforming masonry fireplace.
  • Gas log sets for beauty and elegance in any room with an existing fireplace.

Your Temecula Chimney Experts Are Ready to Help

Chimney Sweeps Inc. is your first call when service is needed for your chimney or fireplace. We serve Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, Menifee, Bonsall and other Southern California communities.

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