Three Levels of Chimney Inspection in Oceanside CA

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When was the last time your Oceanside chimney was professionally inspected? Has it been so long that you’ve forgotten when it was? If it’s been more than a year since your last inspection, now is a good time to schedule this service. Chimney Sweeps Inc. of Oceanside, CA, provides all three recognized levels of chimney inspection. We’ve been helping our customers keep their chimneys safe and efficient since 1985.

Level One Basic Chimney Inspection in Oceanside CA

What Do Chimney Inspections Find?

Our experienced chimney inspectors understand chimney construction, drafting physics, clearances, state and local code requirements and other elements that are important when evaluating a chimney.

During basic (Level 1) inspections for our Oceanside customers, we often don’t find any problems that need addressing. Other times, we find issues that need immediate attention. Some of these issues require more advanced levels of chimney inspection.

Damaged chimney cap or flue cover: An open chimney top will allow water and debris into the flue.

Cracked chimney crown: A deteriorated crown opens a path for water to move into unseen areas of the chimney structure.

Masonry decay: Cracked bricks and crumbling mortar are two more ways for water to move into a chimney system and begin a cycle of rot and deterioration.

Evidence of one or more chimney fires: You won’t always know when a small fire is burning inside your chimney, but even small fires can cause damage.

Warped or rusted chimney flashing: The gap between the chimney and the roof must be protected by flashing to keep water out of the house.

Chimney liner damage: A damaged chimney liner can allow flames and deadly combustion gases to move into the home.

Problems with the chimney footing: An improperly built or damaged footing can lead to an unstable and dangerous chimney.

Incorrect flue size: When not sized correctly, the flue cannot efficiently draft smoke and gases.

The Three Types of Chimney Inspections

The different types of chimney inspections are referred to by level. We provide all three types of inspections for our Oceanside and North County customers.

Expert Certified Chimney Inspectors in Oceanside CA

Level 1

The basic chimney inspection that should be performed once a year.

Level 2

A more involved inspection that includes video imaging. Level 2 inspections are called for when:

  • A chimney fire or other event is thought to have caused damage that’s not readily visible
  • You’re selling your home (typically called a “real estate chimney inspection”)
  • You’re adding a new appliance to be drafted through the chimney or altering the system in some other way

Professional Chimney Inspections and Repair in Oceanside CA

Level Three Chimney Inspections

We perform this inspection when serious chimney damage is known to exist. It often involves dismantling parts of the chimney or adjacent materials of the home to get a clear understanding of the problem.

We’re Here to Keep Your Oceanside Chimney & Home Safe

No matter what level of inspection we perform, we’ll always be looking to make sure all elements of the chimney system are in line with the numerous state and Oceanside city codes for fire safety and building practices.

By having your chimney inspected regularly, you’ll be able to learn of early signs of damage or malfunction and then have us resolve the problems quickly and correctly.

Is it time for a chimney inspection? Speak with an Oceanside, CA, chimney expert today at (619) 593-4020 or request an appointment online here.