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Are you thinking of adding a new fireplace to your Oceanside home? Are you ready to upgrade an underperforming masonry fireplace with a powerful new fireplace insert? Would you like to install a lovely free-standing stove in one of your rooms? Do you want a beautiful firebox visual with minimum hassle and maintenance? Your solution just may be a new manufactured fireplace, heating stove, fireplace insert of gas log set. Chimney Sweeps Inc. of Oceanside, CA, can help you select the perfect appliance for you home and install it for you safely and correctly. Let’s look at some of the options.

Gas Logs in Oceanside CA

Manufactured Fireplaces

Built to run on gas, wood, or electricity, modern manufactured fireplaces bring instant elegance to any room.

Because they’re completely factory made, there’s no in-home construction necessary. All that’s required is an appropriate wall in which to make a space for them.

With a wood fireplace, a simple venting chase will be built for drafting, so you won’t need a full-scale chimney. Gas fireplaces also vent simply through their own vent pipe. Electric fireplaces require no venting.

No matter the fuel type, manufactured fireplaces are available in a range of handsome styles, finishes and designs, making it easy to accent your Oceanside home’s current décor.

Free-standing Stoves

Heating stoves today are a far cry from the old-fashioned pot-bellied models of yesteryear. The gas, wood and electric stove models you can choose from offer beauty, efficiency, safety and versatility.

Wood Burning Stove Installation in Oceanside CA

Stoves vent through a pipe, with no chase or chimney required. That means you can have your new stove installed in virtually any room in your home – including bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms for excellent zone heating.

As with manufactured fireplaces, modern heating stoves comply with strict EPA emissions requirements. They’re built strong and safe and will be an instant conversation piece in any room.


Fireplace Inserts

Open masonry fireplaces don’t produce very much heat and tend to be drafty. Gas, wood and electric fireplace inserts are just the opposite.

Built in a factory and ready to place in the firebox of an existing masonry fireplace, inserts run on a closed system that retains the majority of the heat generated and makes it available to your room. Backdrafts are minimal, and elegance is extreme with an attractive selection of finishes, colors and design styles to choose from.

Gas Log and Fireplace Insert Installations in Oceanside CA

Gas Log Sets

A gas log set is a self-contained unit designed for placement in the firebox of an existing fireplace. We’ll run the gas or propane lines, and you’ll be able to start enjoying beautiful fireplace visuals immediately. Although the flames are real, the logs and other firebox decoratives are not. This means almost zero maintenance on your part.


Installation in Oceanside

When you’ve selected the perfect new appliance for your home, our crew will get to work installing it for you. We’re trained in the installation of all types of fireplaces, inserts, stoves and log sets available on the market today.

For every installation project, our work will comply with California state and local Oceanside codes for building and fire safety. When we install a new appliance, it’s done correctly and safely. As with all supplemental heating appliances, gas log sets should be inspected annually by one of our fireplace technicians.

Get the Appliance of Your Dreams for Your Oceanside Home

If it’s time to look into a new fireplace, stove, fireplace insert or gas log set, Chimney Sweeps Inc. is standing by to help. Speak with an Oceanside fireplace expert today at (619) 593-4020 or request an appointment online.